Spinal Care

Dr. Nikhil Bair-Patel, March 5 2019

Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions are the second most debilitating condition according to a study done evaluating the “global disease burden”.  In particular, low back pain (LBP) is the most common MSK condition, with neck pain and osteoarthritis coming in close behind.  In terms of low back pain, it is estimated that 100% of the population will suf...

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Why Exercising on Your Period is a MUST!

Leanne Kranz, March 4 2019

Exercising on your period seems like a crazy idea when you consider the uncomfortable sensations your body endures during menstruation. Bad bloating and cramps set your pelvis on fire, and trying to button jeans are just some of the factors that make sweatpants and a bad movie sound like the go-to game plan for shark week. Why do squats in public...

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Top 5 Supplements: What are the benefits??

Integrated Health Centre, March 1 2019

At Integrated Health Centre we believe in 5 vitamins and minerals that everyone should take to maximize their health. These top 5 include: fish oil, vitamin D, probiotics, magnesium, and a multi vitamin. By using these supplements it will help to keep your body regulated, and help to minimize health issues over your lifetime.

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Staff Pick: 10% off all Month!

Emily Behm, February 27 2019

Why Magnesium Synergy? "When I first started at IHC my favourite supplement quickly became magnesium. I knew that it was the cure of leg cramps for my mother and grandmother, but went on to learn so much more about the element a lot of us are deficient in. Magnesium synergy is my go to daily because it is a tasty drink, cold or warm & it's speciall...

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International Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Awareness Day 2019

Integrated Health Centre, February 26 2019

Each year, the last day of February marks Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Awareness Day. This particular day  brings awareness to an occupational hazard that affects tens of thousands of people in the workforce every day. In addition, RSI Awareness Day is dedicated to RSI education and prevention.

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Rapid Cleanse - 7 day program: NOW 40% off!

Integrated Health Centre, February 21 2019

The transition from winter to spring offers an ideal opportunity to clear out waste—whether you’re cleaning house or removing pollutants from the body. During cold weather, metabolic waste and toxins tend to accumulate in joints, organs, and tissues. This snowdrift of buildup comes from a perfect storm of sedentary winter routines, exposure to viru...

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How to Care for Your Favourite Sandals

Ally Senuik, February 14 2019

With the latest dumping of snow we've just received, it may be hard to believe that spring is around the corner. BUT, I'm determined to keep reminding everyone around me that it is! With that in mind, I'm back in the groove of getting all my favourite sandals ready for their time to shine, and I wanted to take the opportunity to show how easy it is...

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Staff Pick of the Month: February

Alanna Harris, January 31 2019

10% off all month! Quick-blast is an amazing natural product that works to relief sinus congestion, and throat irritation, as well as fighting infection.  This product uses Natural Factors blend ECHINAMIDE, which combines eucalyptus, peppermint, menthol, lemon, and honey.  From the moment you use this product, you will feel the soothing effects of...

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Bracing and Me

Dez Bair-Patel, January 23 2019

It's a bird? It's a plane? No, it's a bionic man...sort of! When it comes to injuries and maintaining  your independence, bracing can do amazing things. Bracing can help to support your body through injury, provide mobility when injured, and help get you back to your regular routine!

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Pain: The Notification You Can't Ignore (Part 2)

Dr. Shane Foy, January 21 2019

In a previous newsletter we began to explore concepts in pain science. To review, we touched upon the fact that the amount of tissue damage does not equate to the level of pain that we may experience. Instead, our brain pays attention to many other important signals to determine whether or not to send the message of pain.

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