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Integrated Health Centre was established in 1992 to meet a need for a holistic approach to medicine. Since the beginning, our core values have focused on assisting people to improve their health and prevent pain and illness; as opposed to treating the disease once it has occurred. Our goal is to help you to maximize you health and the result was an overwhelming desire by many patients to take responsibility for their health and be preventative versus reactive. Integrated Health Centre has grown with the demand that individuals have to be in control of their health and their bodies.For many people in our community, we offer an opportunity to regain or maintain their health. People enter our doors from all aspects of life and all wanti‍‍‍ng the opportunity to maximize their health potential. Our professionals are excited to work with you to provide that improvement, often as a joint effort  with other professionals within the Centre. We work as a team for the betterment of your health.  After all, Your Greatest Wealth is Health!


Good quality supportive footwear is essential for main‍‍‍taining good posture and gait.  At Integrated Health Centre, we carry a wide range of footwear form many occasions, with a focus on quality and support.  Birkenstocks, Finn Comfort, New Balance, Keen are just a sample of some of the brands that our clients love!  Our staff are trained to measure your feet and watch you walk so that you can be sure to get honest advice on which shoes are best for you!

The Gym 24/7

T‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍he Gym asa IHC is know for it's friendly and inclusive atmosphere.  Everyone if welcome here, regardless of your experience or fitness level.  We also take cleanliness very seriously which is someth‍‍‍ing we are regularly recognized for by clients.  Our State of the Art facility is open 24 hours for your convenience and staffed from 8am - 8pm (1-4 on week-ends) to encourage you on your path to wellness!


Chiropractic means more than 'cracking backs'.  At Integrated Health Centre, the chiropractors use a wide variety of methods to treat their patients that includes hands on care, adjustment tools, percussors for muscle work, acupucture, laser therapy, rehabilitation exercises, nutrition counselling, bracing/orthotics and more.  Each treatment plan is based on an extensive examination to determine your individualized needs.‍‍‍

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You are what you eat and sometimes that is a scary thought.  At IHC, our approach to nutrition is to look at the r‍‍‍oot causes of your concerns and then find the best supplement to address that cause, instead of treating the symptoms. We carry the best professional lines of vitamins, minerals, herbals and protein supplements to meet your needs and we have knowledgeable staff to help you find the best solution for you!