Once your chiropractors have returned you to as optimum a state of health as possible, it is advisable that you visit us on a regular basis to be determined over time to prevent regression. In others where they have achieved full recovery preventive care is also advised as the activities of daily living are the source of many of our health issues.  The role of your chiropractor is to not only directly treat, but to coach and remind you to maintain healthy habits to prevent regression over a long time period.  

Chiropractic means treatment by hand. Before you receive treatment for your ailment we take a very thorough history to identify all of the components of your health that either caused or aggravate your problem further. We also want to identify any issues that may prevent you from responding to our care, such as stress, poor diet and insomnia to name a few.

The Art and Science of Healing By Hand

More Than Chiropractic

Doctors Bair-Patel, Heubner and Foy all are licensed chiropractors and are registered to perform acupuncture. There are many chiropractic techniques and our chiropractors use Applied Kinesiology, which uses very accurate muscle testing to more fully assist in diagnosing the many components that can create a larger symptom pattern.  Our senior clinician, Dr. Bair-Patel, is well on his way to gain certification in Functional Medicine which uses a scientifically founded approach to lifestyle medicine involving the manipulation of diet and the application of nutrients and herbs to reduce symptoms and improve health.

Finally, all of our chiropractors are proficient in prescribing ergonomic changes as well as isolation exercises to improve musculoskeletal symptoms.

Toughest Cases

If you are someone who has "been to everyone and still nothing works," Dr. Nik invites you to visit Integrated Health Centre. Dr. Nik has often been the person to finally relieve an individual's pain when they felt they had nowhere else to turn. With extensive post-graduate training in advanced chiropractic techniques, Dr. Nik is constantly seeking out new ways to help with patient health. With over 11,000 patients treated over 24 years suffering from migraine headaches to plantar fasciitis, and depression to digestive issues we have had excellent success in helping our clients return to health and life!

The chiropractic team is supported by a broad team of therapists that can dispense under the guidance of your chiropractor, therapies such as laser, diet and supplement, orthotics and finally Medex and personal training.

Doctors Bair-Patel, Heubner and Foy all are licensed chiropractors and are registered to perform acupuncture.