Dr. Nikhil Bair-Patel, May 4 2018

MedEx MythBusters

Hi, I'm Leanne, the MedEx Trainer here at the Integrated Health Centre! Over the past few months I've had lots of prospective and current clients ​seem shocked when they discover what Medex is all about and why it's beneficial for everyone! So now it's time I bust a few of these myths and assumptions about MedEx.

1) " It's impossible to get a workout in less that 15 minutes, once per week."  

But guess what, it's absolutely possible! We have raised the intensity of the exercise to a very high level so that it becomes a stimulus that your body cannot ignore. The full, half repetitions and holds create constant tension on the muscle thus burning the muscles out faster.

2) " MedEx doesn't sound like a program for the elderly community."

Again guess what, slow, controlled training was originally designed for a research project on osteoporosis. The risk in exercise, particularly for the elderly, is excess force. Slow or motionless training is the best way to decrease force and risk of injury. The major problems associated with aging are due to a condition called “sarcopenia.” Sarcopenia is the age-related loss of muscle. Without proper exercise a person will lose a pound of muscle for every year beyond age 35. This loss of muscle is the underlying cause of the loss of bone mineral density, resulting in loss of balance, inability to carry out the activities of daily life and ultimately deterioration of all the systems that support the mechanical functioning of muscles. As the elderly engage in proper exercise they can quickly regain lost strength and functional capabilities such as balance, as well as cardiovascular efficiency.

3) "If I build muscle, I am going to be bulky."  

Let's just forget that theory and toss it out the window because we all possess a gene called myostatin that naturally controls how large our muscles can become. This is because our body wants the most strength for the least amount of size increase, as more strength with less mass is more efficient. The average person has a very high level of myostatin expression and will never become bulky or over-muscular no matter how hard he or she trains.

4) "You don't include a “WARM UP,” isn't this necessary before training?"  

Well, not always. A warm up is necessary before sporting events where you are going to carry out high force movements that could produce injury. The risk for injury comes from excess force, not from exertion. By using a slow protocol (or a motionless one) we keep force at very low levels. Also, as you fatigue, you literally become “too weak” to produce enough force to injure yourself. During your session with us, the warm-up is built into the exercise. Other forms of exercise do not control dangerous forces, so it is necessary for them to include a warm-up, but many times this is not enough to prevent injury.

Live Younger, Leaner and Stronger with MedEx !

Written by

Dr. Nikhil Bair-Patel

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