all, November 25 2019

Integrated Health Centre Has Some News For Smokers!

No pain or negative side effects. 

Walk-in a smoker, walk out a non-smoker.Here's a message from John the Laser Therapist himself: “I personally quit with 1 treatment 24 years ago with 2 friends and I used to smoke 2 packs a day.”

Over 18,000 clients treated since 2005. Most of our clients quit with just 1 treatment. We offer 2 additional backup treatments at no extra charge within 1 year. 

Our success rate is very high as only 1 in 10 clients need a 2nd treatment within 1 year.How it works: A cold laser is applied to acupuncture points on your hands, face, and ears. 

This stimulates endorphin and serotonin levels temporarily to help you get through the withdrawal comfortably. Once you have the treatment, you have no physical desire for a cigarette.

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Any questions or inquiries contact OmegaLaser at 1-613-884-7867

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